The Credit Co-operative will never ask for your password or account details to be disclosed via a link within an email message. If you receive an email of this nature, please disregard the email, delete it from your computer and notify the Credit Co-operative on 1300 366 350.

We take the protection and security of your information, transaction data and privacy seriously.

Below, you will find information on the currently most common types of online security risks.

Email Scams

Internet banking consumers have recently been targeted by a range of email scams involving various hoax emails. The hoax emails have been sent to large numbers of email addresses in anticipation of at least some reaching users of online banking facilities. Because of the large number of emails involved and the random nature of the hoax, these frauds are often called 'phishing'. The hoax emails seek to trick online banking consumers into disclosing confidential financial information such as their Internet banking login and password details, thereby providing the perpetrators of the fraud with illegal access to their accounts.

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