FireNet Internet Banking

FireNet e-BankingFirefighters free online banking provides fee free easy and convenient access to your account 24 hrs 7 days a week.
To obtain access you must first complete an application form and return it to the Credit Co-operative.

FireNet allows members upon signing into the site :

  • View a list of all your accounts
  • View and/or print your current balance and transaction history for all your accounts
  • View and pay your bills using BPAY
  • Access your accounts anywhere at any time
  • Transfer funds between your accounts and other Credit Co-operative members accounts
  • Transfer funds to another financial institution
  • Create Multi Transactions
  • Create, delete, modify or skip regular/periodical payments/transfers and create personal payees
  • Create a once off payment
  • Use Personal payees to make it easier when you need to pay regular bills
  • View interest earned or charged
  • Change Access Code (password)

Upon approval, you will be provided with a temporary access code to enable you to access to FireNet Internet Banking.
You are required to change your access code during your first login.

You must also insure that you keep your FireNet Internet Banking access code secure. Ensure that your selected access code is ramdomly selected, e.g. do not use date of birth of yourself or your partner, or a childs'parent birthdate and so on.

Apply for FireNet Internet Banking today! Simply complete an application form and return it to the Credit Co-operative.

Tips on safeguard your access code :

Remember, if you fail to safeguard your access code, you may increase your liability for unauthorised use. We therefore strongly recommend that you :

      •  dont disclose your access code to anyone, including a family member or friend
      •  don't record your access code on or with:
                          • the device, such as the phone or computer, that you use to access the online banking services or anything likely to be lost or stolen with that device;or
                          • any other identifier, such as a customer reference number, that may be used to access your online banking service
      • don't permit anyone else to use your access code
      • examine your account statement as soon as you receive it to identify and report any instances of unauthorised use as soon as possible
      • change your access code at frequent intervals and ensure that you choose an access code that's not easily identified with you, for example , date of birth or part of your car registration.

For more information contact any of the staff during business hours on 03 8417 1777 or 1300 366 350.


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