Firefighters Credit Co-operative's outstanding service and commitment to members through our day to day banking is helping you purchase your home.

Firefighters Credit Co-operative Protector Savings account has been designed to maximize your earnings. While your account maintains the minimum balance of $3,000.00, you will still have the ease of access of a transaction account using ATM & EFTPOS, online, phone banking and the option of a cheque book if required, all free of charge except for non REDIATM transactions.
If the balance falls below $3,000.00:
             • the interest rate will revert to our standard S1 account rate for the period the amount remains below $3,000.00.
             • all standard fees and charges as per our fees & charges brochure will apply for the whole month.

Being a transactional account means that your every day needs to access cash and payment services are always available without any penalties being attracted.

Interested!!!!  Please contact the office on 1300 366 350 or 03 8417 1777 for further information and a copy of the information brochure and the account application form.


Protector Savings Account

A transactional account bundled with the home loan with attractive interest rates providing all the required access for everyday living.

The transactional account provides you with all the required access for everyday living

  • Visa debit card fee free EFTPOS and ATM transactions via RediTeller ATM Network
  • FREE FireNet Internet banking
  • FREE Telephone banking
  • FREE Direct credits and debits
  • FREE Cheque book
  • FREE Bpay
  • Foreign Currency products at reduced commission charges (0.5%)
  • FREE Counter cash withdrawals
  • FREE NAB deposit book facility
  • FREE Periodical Payments (corporate cheque fee may apply)

Whether you are purchasing, renovating constructing or refinancing from another financial institution, Firefighters Credit Co-operative can help.

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