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  • BPay

    Easy and efficient way to pay your bills,  BPAY

    Even better, BPay® is FREE!
    BPay® allows you to choose which account you want to pay from, when you want to pay and how much - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all from one place – via FireNet Internet Banking on any computer or Ezy Access phone banking!

  • Car Loans

    Looking for a new or used car?
    Submit your loan application today, and we will have you driving away in no time, with our easy and fast approval process.


    You can enjoy the following benefits:

    • Competitive variable rate
    • Ability to make lump sum payments without penalty
    • N...
  • Cheque Book

    Withdrawing money from your account is easy and convenient with a Firefighters Credit Co-operative Cheque book.

    There are many benefits in having your Cheque book linked to your Access & Savings Facilities. A Cheque book allows you to pay bills conveniently and you don't need to visit the credit uni...

  • Deposits & Withdrawls

    You can deposit and withdraw cash from your savings account at Firefighters Credit  Union Head Office or the Eildon Agency and this service is FREE OF CHARGE. Deposits may also be made at any Branch of the National Australia Bank providing the member has in their possession  the required encoded dep...

  • Direct Debits & Credits

    Direct Debits

    Direct debit is the “set and forget” way to pay regular bills. It is most often used for ongoing payments like mortgage repayments, insurance premiums and utility bills, but can also be used for one-off payments. Amounts can be fixed, for example for loan repayments, or can vary with ...

  • e-Statements

    e-Statements are an electronic version of your account statements with the same information as your paper statement that can be viewed at any time.

    Features and Benefits

    • Convenient, fast, secured and available 24/7
    • Safe and secured access (receive an e-mail message to let you know you’re your s...
  • Home Loans

    Before you make what will probably be the biggest financial commitment of your life, talk to us about a Credit Co-operative home loan.

    Whether you are buying your first home or upgrading to a larger one, considering extensions, renovations etc., you need a loan that gives you the flexibility to bal...

  • Insurance

    The best way of protecting your assets is by taking action to decrease the risk of their loss or damage and by preserving their value through regular maintenance and care. Another way of protecting yourself against loss or damage is through insurance.

    If you think you can’t afford it, then ask your...

  • Internet Banking

    FireNet Internet Banking

    Firefighters free online banking provides fee free easy and convenient access to your account 24 hrs 7 days a week.
    To obtain access you must first complete an application form and return it to the Credit Co-operative.

    FireNet allows members upon signing into the site :

    • ...
  • Junior Firefighters Account (S10)

    Firefighters Credit Co-operative's outstanding service and commitment to members is now directed towards helping our members children start their savings journey, by having a dedicated children account.


    You can enjoy the following benefits:

    • A dedicated children’s accoun...
  • Loan Qualifying Enquiry

    Name: Email: Contact Phone: Income: Income Time Period: Expense: Expense Time Per...
  • Loans

    Home loans, car loans, personal loans... whatever it is you're after in life; the Firefighters Credit Co-operative is there for you. We offer you a wide range of flexible and market competitive loans to your budget and lifestyle.

    A Credit Co-operative personal loan is design...

  • Low rate personal loan

  • Our Home Loans

    Before you make what will probably be the biggest financial commitment of your life, talk to us about a Credit Co-operative home loan.

    Whether you are buying your first home or upgrading to a larger one, considering extensions, renovations etc., you need a loan that gives you the flexibility to bal...

  • Payroll Deductions

    Payroll deductions can help you save time

    The Firefighters Credit Co-operative works in conjunction with your pay office to arrange funds to be directed from your pay directly into nominated accounts.
    Employees can request their employer to direct credit, part or all of their wages/salaries to your ...

  • Periodical/Regular Authorised Payment

    You can arrange for a payment transfer from your Firefighters Credit Co-operative account on regular intervals.

    The payment can be sent to another Firefighters Credit Co-operative account, to another financial institution.

    Within FireNet members cancreate, delete, modify or skip regular/periodical...

  • Personal Loans

    Are you looking for a dream holiday, furniture, computer or just to consolidate those annoying expensive store cards? Our  Personal Loan is available for any worthwhile purpose and can help your dreams become a reality.



  • Protector Home Loan

    Looking for a home loan with a low interest rate, together with a transaction account that earns interest?

    By bundling together your Protector Home Loan Savings Account with your Home Loan, you can get enjoy all the required access for everyday living with outstanding benefits and value.

    {tab Over...

  • QBE Insurance

    Together with QBE, we’re proud to introduce a new initiative - Premiums4Good. A simple way to contribute to positive social initiatives, using your everyday insurance spend.

    Everyday premiums, extraordinary good.

    So how does Premiums4Good work? In a nutshell, when you take out an insurance policy...

  • Multi-Access Savings Account (S1)

    This account is the everyday savings account and is totally accessible through your Visa debit card. It is accessible via the telephone banking & Firenet Internet Banking System for all bill paying services. Cheque accounts for members operate on this everyday account. Salaries and direct credits an...

  • Bonus Saver Account (S3)

    Firefighters Credit Co-operative's outstanding service and commitment to members through our day to day banking is helping you purchase your home.

    Firefighters Credit Co-operative Bonus Saver Account is an at call savings account . It offers a bonus interest rate if no withdrawls are made in a mont...

  • Christmas Club (S4)

    Automatic weekly deposits into your Christmas Club will make the most expensive time of the year a lot easier.

    The first business day in December your Christmas Club funds plus interest will be credited to your nominated savings account for easy access.

  • Cash Maximiser Account (S6)

    A Cash Maximizer Accounts pays a higher than ordinary rate of interest whilst still having your funds available at call.

    There is a $2000 minimum balance and a tiered interest rate structure applies. When your balance reaches a higher tiered plateau, the rate of interest applicable changes and will...

  • Golden Helmet (S65)

    Transactional account for retirees

    Firefighters Credit Co-operative Golden Helmet account has been designed to maximize your earnings while your account maintains the minimum amount of $25,000.00.

    If your account remains above the minimum amount of $25,000.00 transactional fees will not apply. The...

  • Budget Account (S8)

    A great way to keep your savings and bill money totally separate and at the same time its earning interest. Weekly deposits into S8 can cater for all those expected and sometimes unexpected bills that come in from time to time.

    Like the S1 account the S8 account is available to all the Phone Bankin...

  • Mortgage Breaker

    Put your savings to work and BREAK down your mortgage loan.

    Want to reduce your loan term, save interest on your mortgage loan and reduce the taxable interest on your savings? Then you need the Mortgage Breaker!

    The Mortgage Breaker account is a unique savings account. It "offsets" 100% of your sa...

  • Telephone Banking

    Telephone Banking

    Phone Banking is an automated telephone access service that will let you obtain balances and transact on your credit union account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round.

    Examples of transactions available include:

    • Check your savings account balances
    • Check your last 5 t...
  • Term Deposits

    Make your money work as hard as you do!

    We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees, but by having a Term Deposit and investing with the Credit Co-operative, you can watch your savings grow.
    A Term Deposit gives you a competitive fixed interest rate; higher than an everyday savings account. It als...

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