The Firefighters Credit Co-operative maintains an actively managed capital base to cover risks inherent in the business. The primary objectives of the Credit Co-operative's capital management are to ensure the Credit Co-operative maintains sufficent capital to support the Credit Co-operative's business activities and operational requirements; to ensure continuous compliance with externally imposed capital ratios; and to ensure the Credit Co-operative maintains healthy capital ratios to support it's business.

As part of Prudential Standard APS330, the Credit Co-operative is required to publicly disclose information on risk, management practices and capital adequacy, which is outlined below.


December 2013
September 2013
June 2013 (annual)


March 2014
June 2014 (annual)
September 2014
December 2014


March 2015
June 2015
September 2015
December 2015


March 2016
June 2016
September 2016
December 2016


March 2017 
June 2017 (Annually)
September 2017
December 2017


March 2018
June 2018 (Annual)
September 2018
December 2018


March 2019



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