Vintage photo of firetrucksFirefighters Credit Co-operative was formed from the idea of the welfare officer from within the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (Mr Fred Tyson) being concerned with the welfare of firefighters and their families facing financial hardships in 1974.

After a series of meetings held in early 1975 in the old Eastern Hill fire station flats, a steering committee was formed and the Co-op was finally incorporated in February 1976. Formerly known as the UFU Credit Co-operative it was run on a volunteer basis with assistance from United Firefighters Union.

For many years the Directors sourced deposits from members and made small loans to those firefighters in need and finally with the support of the membership of the time and purchased premises in Fitzroy where it continues to operate today. The Credit Co-operative serves all Fire personnel from all types of brigades, e.g. MFESB, CFA, Air Services and their families and friends.

Armed with that vision of so long ago and a belief in the benefit of mutual co-operation the Firefighters Credit Co-operative has continued to grow and prosper offering members a comprehensive range of products and services.

In 2005 the Firefighters Credit Co-operative merged with the IMG Credit Co-operative.
The Board and Management of the Credit Co-operative have seen the need to broaden our membership base for future development and are continuously searching for ways of attracting new members with a view to providing their members with credit co-operative facilities.

Members now enjoy most of the sophisticated products and services offered by larger organizations whilst still receiving personal attention.


The Firefighters Credit Co-operative are dedicated and committed to the financial needs of firefighters.

All enquiries for membership of the Credit Co-operative are welcome by phoning us on 03 8417 1777 or 1300 366 350 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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